Impact Project: Litter Prevention

January 13, 2024
Meet Keep Durham Beautiful staff at class orientation to find out ways you can help

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Litter impacts all of us. It endangers the safety of our drinking water, individual health, environmental justice, economic impact, and our climate. If every person picked up just 150 items, the litter problem would disappear.

Each year the U.S. spends about $11.5 billion picking up litter. In 2021, NC Department of Transportation spent over $2 million picking up litter in Durham and neighboring counties.

Together we can reduce and prevent litter in our communities.

Keep Durham Beautiful has several existing programs aimed at preventing and reducing litter, but they need dedicated volunteers to help expand these programs. You Impact Project could focus on litter prevention or removal at your neighborhood, place of worship, school, or business. There’s also a need for Citizen Science projects monitoring Litter Hotspots throughout Durham county.

Impact Project Ideas

Keep Durham Beautiful

Since 2004, Keep Durham Beautiful has worked with community volunteers to build and maintain clean, green, and beautiful spaces in Durham.

Volunteers Needed: