Impact Project: Species Inventories

January 13, 2024 –
Meet Eno River Assocation staff at class orientation to find out ways you can help


The Eno River Assocation manages hundreds of acres along the Eno River and its tributaries. Protecting water quality, habitat, and ecological diversity of these areas also helps preserve the historical, cultural, and recreational value that connects people to the Eno River basin.

Sound management begins with a thorough understanding of the inhabitants of an area. Identifying specific species, or communities, enables conservationists to develop management plans.

The Eno River Association needs help with three different types of inventory projects.

  • Inventorying species in a new area
  • Building upon existing inventories to provide recommendations for specific species or communities
  • Developing a birding program in areas managed by the Eno River Assocation

Impact Projects

  • Initial inventory work at the Panther Branch Natural Area has just begun. Be part of the BioBlitz effort, lead a team, help catalog, or manage data. This unique opportunity allows Master Naturalists to get involved in managing a new area.
  • The Confluence Natural Area lies where the east and west forks of the Eno River merge. Once farm land dating back to the 1700s, this area is home to multiple populations of rare plant species. Initial inventories have been done, the next step is to develop recommendations for managing specific species or communities.
  • The Eno River Assocation would like to develop a birding program on some of their areas. Master Naturalists are needed to help others learn about birds, input data into eBird, identify or train other birding leaders. This is an opportunity for an individual, or a team, to connect the Eno River Assocation and bird lovers.

Eno River Association

Works to protect the natural, historical, and cultural resources of the Eno River Basin, since 1966.