Impact Projects: Citizen Science & Habitat Restoration

January 13, 2024 –
Haw River Assembly staff at class orientation to find out ways you can help


In 1982 a group of citizens founded the Haw River Assembly to protect the Haw River and Jordan Lake watershed. The Assembly speaks for the river promoting environmental education, conservation, and pollution prevention.

The small staff relies on volunteers to help carry out their mission. Consistent monitoring of the river is essential to a number of the Haw River Assembly’s programs.

Impact Projects

  • Citizens Science: Haw River Watch Project – gives a clearer picture of the health of the Haw River by determining the type and location of pollution sources. Four seasonal “snapshots” document water quality at locations across the river and its tributaries.
  • Habitat Restoration & Protection: Trash Trouts are purpose built stormwater litter traps. These traps help keep roadside trash from entering our creeks and streams. Nationally, roadside litter accounts for nearly 75% of the trash in our urban creeks and streams, and Trash Trouts help stop litter from entering our waterways.

Haw River Assembly

Promoting environmental education, conservation, and pollution prevention for Haw River and Lake Jordan since 1982.


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